Effective Presentation Techniques Training

Effective Presentation Skills

Custom/Group Training Only.  Please contact us for additional information.

Course Description

Everyone “presents” – whether it’s in a staff meeting, presenting to a client, or delivering a speech. Most people list public speaking as the thing they fear the most. With the Effective Presentation Techniques training course, you can overcome that fear. Learn how to be an interesting speaker by practicing effective presentation techniques, structuring your presentation to suit your audience, overcoming nervousness, and making the most of presentations aides such as PowerPoint and hand-outs.  Read more.

Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence Training

Custom/Group Training Only.  Please contact us to find out more!

Course Description

Become a top performer in your organization with Emotional Intelligence (EI) training!  Research has connected top performers with high emotional intelligence. Some have concluded Emotional intelligence is the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace.  Emotional intelligence is different from your intellect in that it taps into a fundamental element of human behavior.   Read more.