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Project Management Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Project Management with the Project Management Fundamentals class.  This class is to introduce the students to basic project management concepts that can be directly applied to projects being executed on their jobs.This course, based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), introduces participants to the concepts, practices, and processes of project management. It covers the project life cycle processes and the associated PM knowledge areas.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Bootcamp

Interested in PMP Certification?  Then this is a must-take course!  The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification examination tests all aspects of project management and is based upon the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).

PMP “Top Gun” Corporate Certification Training

Interested in PMP certification prep for your organization? Then this is the course for you.  This course is similar to the PMP Bootcamp, but tailored for specific needs of organizations.  It’s like taking two courses in one!


Building a Strategy-Focused Organization

Today’s global marketplace presents unique challenges to organizations. With increased competition, increased demands, and global consumers, organizations must strive to improve organizational performance and ensure that every action, effort, and initiative aligns with the objectives of the firm. Aligning initiatives, communicating successes, identifying problem areas, mitigating risks, and achieving organizational objectives is critical to success.


Developing a Balanced Scorecard for Business and Government

Building on PMA_100, this course moves into the organizational assessment of leading and lag indicators and assists in the development of a “balanced” view of performance. This course outlines the basic methodology for developing performance metrics and key performance indicators in the creation of balanced scorecards. Additional topics include developing strategies, objectives, and goals, as well as aligning initiatives with corporate, departmental, and operational objectives.


Earned Value Management Systems for Project Management

This course is designed for organizational managers at all levels, newly assigned program/project managers and project administrators, and those preparing for such positions. It is on ANSI/EIA-748-B, Earned Value Management Systems, and the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge. Participants will be introduced to the measurements, tools, and techniques of project resources planning, scheduling and budgeting, performance measurement, analysis, and management reporting.


Effective Project Communications, Negotiations, and Conflict Training

This course teaches project managers what they need to know to lead projects through their initiation, planning, execution, and control phases. This course focuses on the skills needed to find common ground, overcome resistance, resolve disputes, and gain commitment to project management efforts. This course also details how facilitation and mediation can be used to enhance communication, resolve differences, and build relationships though the project management life cycle. Real-world project management problems and disputes are used in skill-building exercises to practice communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution techniques.


Maximizing Team Effectiveness

If your team is suffering from clashing or overly dominant personalities, lagging productivity, a lack of creativity, or resistance to change, you are not alone. Great teams are more than a baffling mix of chemistry and magic: they consistently employ the five key elements of team success.


Performance Measurement Analysis

This course covers the methodology and best practices that can help you implement a successful performance measurement program capable of measuring organizational performance and assisting in the development of a continuously improving environment.


Project Change Management

The course is designed for newly assigned project managers and those preparing for project management, program management, or project administration positions. With the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge as our tool, we will discuss the principles of change management as applied to project management and products.


Project Execution, Control, and Closeout

This course is a continuation of the Project Initiation and Planning course. Project Management Body of Knowledge principles such as scope, costs, and schedule management will all be discussed, along with change management principles. You will learn how to manage the day-to-day operations of a project, including risk management, schedule and cost management, status reports, management of expectations, and effective communications.


Project Initiation and Planning

Project initiation and planning are the first phases of the project life cycle, often referred to as the most important phases because improperly planned projects are likely to fail. This course will show you how to apply Project Management Body of Knowledge concepts such as project charter, work breakdown structure, risk management plan, change management plan, communications plan, schedule, and budget. You will learn how to incorporate all of these artifacts into a project management plan.


Custom or Group Training

All of our classes are available for Group or Custom training.  Please contact us (202-556-0822) for Group or Custom training inquires!

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