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Price: $797
Length: 2 Days

(Custom/Group Training Available.  Please contact us for additional information.)

Course Description

In this Adobe Dreamweaver II course, you’ll delve into advanced Web page design using Adobe Dreamweaver. We will focus on CSS layout, advanced site building features, site management, behaviors,interactivity, and customization.

Topics include:

  • Site building features of Dreamweaver
  • Using CSS for layout and positioning
  • CSS-based navigations
  • Creating pop up menus and Windows
  • Show/Hide CSS-based layers
  • Working with snippets
  • Advanced templating features in Dreamweaver
  • Advanced code control
  • Advanced layer techniques
  • Customizing Dreamweaver
  • Extensibility through third-party objects

Adobe Dreamweaver I

Session Times:  9 am – 4 pm Daily

Session Location:
The Business University – Alexandria
1940 Duke Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314

Adobe Dreamweaver Training Course