Adobe Illustrator II Course Image

Price: $797
Length: 2 Days

(Custom/Group Training Available.  Please contact us for additional information.)

Course Description

In the Adobe Illustrator II course, we’ll explore some of Adobe Illustrator’s highly advanced features, including:

  • Changing blending modes and opacity
  • Using and editing an opacity mask
  • Using layers to keep your art project organized
  • Creating clipping masks
  • Tracing a scanned image with LiveTrace
  • Applying warp effects and the envelope feature
  • Understanding the Appearance panel
  • Creating effects and styles
  • Using multiple strokes and fills
  • Creating and manipulating type
  • Creating symbols and using the symbol tools
  • Understanding and creating the four kinds of custom brushes
  • Using the mesh tool for complex gradients
  • Applying 3-D effects

Adobe Illustrator I

Session Times:  9 am – 4 pm Daily

Session Location:
The Business University – Alexandria
1940 Duke Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314


Adobe Illustrator Training Course