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Publishing Long Documents III with InDesign Course Description

Publishing is more than printing, and XML is here to stay as a standard for storing data used in publishing. Explore advanced features of Adobe InDesign CC/CS6 that will you allow to produce publications with content sourced from XML based systems, without losing data or duplicating formatting tasks. Find out how information presented in a familiar environment for graphic designers can be reused on the Web, in archiving projects, or repurposed later in other print projects.
Topics include:

  • Understanding XML and supporting files
  • Exploring examples of XML code and structure
  • Overview of XML Schema, DTD, and CSS
  • Examples of publishing workflow solutions using XML
  • Creating and importing tags into an InDesign document
  • Working in Structure View
  • Exploring Structured environment, Tags panel, and related settings
  • Tagging images and text in a completed layout of an InDesign document
  • Mapping XML tags to styles and styles to XML tags
  • Working with attributes
  • Validating a document structure and exporting to XML
  • Organizing a document structure
  • Exploring XML export options
  • Viewing XML code in a browser
  • Importing XML content
  • Exploring XML import options
  • Exporting to cross-media publishing support: XHTML (DreamWeaver) and XHTML (Digital Editions)

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