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Price: $849
Length: 2 Days

(Custom/Group Training Available.  Please contact us for additional information.)

Course Description

Scientific and technical information doesn’t have to be communicated in complicated ways. It’s possible to distill complex ideas into engaging, understandable copy. This Scientific Editing course prepares you to edit scientific material with confidence, even if you’re not a specialist in the author’s field. The first day covers preventive editing—how to ease scientists and engineers away from wordiness. Day 2 focuses on nitty-gritty techniques specific to scientific editing.You will learn to:

  • Motivate authors to revise their work
  • Tap into scientific editing resources
  • Meet title, abstract, and keyword requirements
  • Edit math and scientific data in graphs, diagrams, and illustrations
  • Deal with units, measurements, and numbers
  • Use scientific and engineering symbols

NOTE: Please bring to class one or two writing examples (e.g., a one-page and a three-to-five-page sample of the writing you do for work).

Session Times:  9 am – 4 pm Daily

Session Location:
The Business University – Alexandria
1940 Duke Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314

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