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Custom Training imageLooking for a curriculum that meets your organizational need?  The Business University’s Customized Solution is your answer! The Business University offers custom and on-site training solutions for organizations of all sizes. We can create and deliver our highly customized training onsite at your location or at one of our training centers. Whether you’re looking for writing and editing courses, or specific software training, we can mix and match the curriculum to fit your exact specifications. Contact our training representative by phone (202-556-0822 ) or complete the Custom Training Contact Form below and one of our training representatives will contact you shortly.

The Business University’s custom Training creates cost-effective training packages based on your group’s unique needs.

The first step is determining exactly what these needs are. Perhaps you want to develop online editing skills, but do not know where to begin. Perhaps an editing workshop that focuses on your newsletter might be the hands-on learning experience you have been looking for. Perhaps your group needs to master a client’s preferred software. Or maybe you would like us to conduct a workshop with your staff — at your office. By asking the right questions, The Business University’s training specialists discover your training needs — with ease, convenience, and years of proven experience.

Then we help your group meet those needs. We provide training materials, tailored practice exercises, and tips to use in class and beyond. We will even create a software template just for your publication and ensure that your team knows how to use it.

Workshops are conveniently held in your offices. If you have several people to train, group rates are available. We are committed to helping your group learn what they need to know. Your business will work smarter and run smoother. We guarantee it.

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