Government Training Services ImageWe understand unique circumstances exist when working with Government agencies.  Government agencies have different policies and procedures they must follow.  Whether you’re utilizing SF-182, an agency specific form, or leveraging Acquisition Division and the Federal Acquisition Regulation to meet your training needs, we have over 20 years’ experience providing training solutions for various government agencies.

We have worked with many Federal and local government agencies to enhance employee productivity.  Our procedures are well aligned to meet different agency requirements for all our training services, including custom/group and open enrollment training.  Government employees receive GSA discounts for our Open Enrollment courses, and our custom/group training solutions are designed to meet specific government needs.  Further, government agencies have a bit more complexity when it comes to financing and we have the flexibility to meet various financial restrictions, including funding across multiple fiscal years.

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GSA Contract: GS-00F-0084N
Contract is under our previous name: EEI Communications)

508 Accessibility Courses

The Business University currently teaches Section 508 Accessibility training for government agencies. These classes consist of training content created to assist government staff in making all agency-produced documents accessible to persons with disabilities and to comply with Federal regulations. These classes are open to all agency staff that produces internal and external documents. These classes have not only made the agencies compliant with Federal regulations, but significantly increased the efficiency of the staff and improved the morale of staff and between departments.

508 Compliant Curriculum

The Business University offers select courses that meet 508 Accessibility requirements. If you’re interested in Project Management or Editing and Writing courses with 508 Accessibility curriculum, contact us today to find out more!

Custom and Group Training Requests

Are you interested in delivering training on a specific course to meet your need?  We have hundreds of excellent courses we can deliver to your group or organization.  Additionally, we can customize the curriculum to meet your specific needs to meet your end goals.  .  Learn more about our custom and group training here.

Training Courses with Internal Registration Systems

Are you looking to provide training courses for anyone within your company to take?  The Business University provides training courses through the Learning and Development group for employees to register using the company’s internal registration system.  Many companies like to offer routine courses for anyone working for the company to take.  We have extensive experience with such situations and understand unique circumstances that arise with such courses, including last minute changes.

Hybrid Training+Consulting

Sometime training isn’t enough and you need us to help you with actual work, along with your training.  Our previous company and our current partner company, EEI Communications, has over 25 years of experience in staffing solutions and together we can provide you with the best combination of training and consulting services.  Contact us today and we will help you accomplish all your needs with just once provider.

Larger Training Requests

We also provide larger training initiatives in conjunction with HR and the Learning and Development department. Our largest client has over 11,000 employees and we handled various HR training requirements, including all on-boarding and off-boarding training for the company.  Contact us today on proposals and bids for larger training requests.