Professional Master and Specialty Certificates

Complete your training by earning a professional certificate in the area or areas of interest to you. The Business University’s Professional Certificate marks your successful completion of a series of courses designed to provide specialized skills in a specific discipline.

The Business University Professional Certificate will be a valuable credential to add to your résumé. It verifies your participation in a specialized program of study and demonstrates your commitment to advancing your skills and increasing your value to your employer or your client. To apply or for more information, please see our Certificate Programs FAQs below or call 202-556-0822

Master Certificates

  • Adobe Creative Suite …………………………….. [PDF]
  • Desktop Publishing ………………………………. [PDF]
  • Professional Editing ……………………………… [PDF]

Specialty Certificates

  • Adobe InDesign Specialist …………………….. [PDF]
  • Adobe Photoshop Specialist …………………... [PDF]
  • Editing Specialist Specialist …………………… [PDF]
  • Management Professional Specialist ………… [PDF]
  • Newsletter Creation Specialist ………………... [PDF]
  • Technical Editing and Writing Specialist ……... [PDF]

Certificate Programs FAQs

Q. How do I enroll in a Certificate Program?
A. The enrollment process begins by filling out the online application located on this Web site. Once we”ve received that, we will follow up with you with a phone call to answer any of your questions. The next step is for you to complete a Certificate Enrollment Agreement, which explains how the program works and the relevant policies. Once this is done, you”re enrolled!

Q. What is the difference between a Master and a Specialty Certificate Program?
A. A Master Certificate Program consists of a comprehensive series of courses designed to give you in-depth knowledge of a broad skill set such as Desktop Publishing or Professional Editing. A Specialty Certificate Program offers a more focused series of courses designed to give you in-depth knowledge of a particular skill set such as Adobe Photoshop or Technical Editing.

Q. How can I be sure that I am selecting the right certificate program?
A. Before entering, you will discuss your interests and professional objectives with a coordinator. Together, you will determine which program is best for you.

Q. Am I obligated to finish a Certificate Program once I’ve begun?
A. No, you are not. You are obligated to pay for only the training courses that you attend. If you pay up front for your certificate program and later cannot finish, any prepayment discount will be voided and you will be charged regular prices for the classes that you did attend.

Q. I’ve already taken some courses with The Business University. Can I apply them to a Master or a Specialty Certificate?
A. In most cases, yes. Discuss this with a training coordinator to select the program and to determine whether additional courses will be required.

Q. Is financing or a payment plan available?
A. You may elect to pay for classes as you attend instead all at once. No other financing option is available at this time.

Q. Are these the only certificates The Business University will offer? Should I expect anything new in the future?
A. As the marketplace develops, the Business University will keep pace. We certainly expect new developments in technology that will require us to adjust these certificate programs in the months ahead. And as students come to us with requests to revamp or introduce new certificate programs, we will respond accordingly.

Q. Can I take one or more of my certificate classes online?
A. Yes, as long as the identical class is offered. However, students are limited to taking no more than three on-line courses toward a Master Certificate and two online courses toward a Specialty Certificate.

Q. How much do the certificate programs cost?
A. Each program is different, and the cost may also vary based on the student’s course selections.

Q. Can one or more classes count towards the acquisition of more than one certificate?
A. Yes, as long as the course is considered part of the certificate curriculum.

Q. May I test out of specific classes based on my experience or training?
A. If you have equivalent experience or have taken training elsewhere, we will allow you to select a substitute class for the class that you do not need. The new course must be equal in the number of course hours and must be relevant to the certificate program you are pursuing.

Q. How long do I have to complete a certificate program?
A. Students are permitted a maximum of 24 months to complete a Master Certificate. Students pursuing a Specialty Certificate have 18 months to complete their program.

Q. May I substitute a class for another, if a required class is not relevant to my job situation?
A. Yes. The new course must be equal in the number of course hours and must be relevant to the certificate program you are pursuing. Please contact the certificate programs director to make any changes.

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