The Business University provide three types of services that meet different purposes:

  • On-site Training
  • Custom Training
  • Open Enrollment Training

Regardless of which option you choose, you will receive some of the best training from our expert instructors with decades of experience both in the specific field and the classroom.  With the Business University, you will learn the skills and tools to become more productive and achieve your goals instead of spending time trying to figure out how to get something done.  Between our on-site/custom and open enrollment courses, we have the programs to meet your needs. Our course availability for on-site and custom training goes beyond what we advertise so contact us if you have specific training requests!

On-site Training

on-site training imageWouldn’t it be great if you could all have a class together, with material that addressed your real-world needs and exercises that came from the projects on your desk? Our On-site training services provide training solutions for groups and organizations that meet your specific needs.  The Business University’s On-site Training, we can deliver one of our sessions just for you and your group at your location.

What does your group want to learn? Or need to learn? Better project management? Editing? Adobe Photoshop? “Plain English”? Marketing? Adobe InDesign? Or even specific sub-topics inside Photoshop or Project Management Classes. The Business University on-site Training can help address all of your training needs to become more productive.

What you get are results. After The Business University on-site Training, everyone has a common language and common experience in an important area. Your group will work smarter, and your business or organization will benefit.

With The Business University on-site Training, you get a chance to synchronize skills and take off together. To find out how The Business University on-site Training can help your group, call us at 202-556-0822 or complete our online quote request form.

Custom Training

Custom Training imageSometimes you or your group need a little personal attention to make today’s training work best for your company. The Business University’s custom Training creates cost-effective training packages based on your group’s unique needs.

The first step is determining exactly what these needs are. Perhaps you want to develop online editing skills, but do not know where to begin. Perhaps an editing workshop that focuses on your newsletter might be the hands-on learning experience you have been looking for. Perhaps your group needs to master a client’s preferred software. Or maybe you would like us to conduct a workshop with your staff — at your office. By asking the right questions, The Business University’s training specialists discover your training needs — with ease, convenience, and years of proven experience.

Then we help your group meet those needs. We provide training materials, tailored practice exercises, and tips to use in class and beyond. We will even create a software template just for your publication and ensure that your team knows how to use it.

Workshops are conveniently held in your offices. If you have several people to train, group rates are available. We are committed to helping your group learn what they need to know. Your business will work smarter and run smoother. We guarantee it.

In today’s world of technology, learning is a never-ending process. Teaming up with a training expert is your key to success. Pick the training partner preferred by a variety of industries for more than 20 years: The Business University.

To find out how The Business University on-site Training can help your group, call us at 202-556-0822 or complete our online quote request form.

Open Enrollment Courses (Individuals and Small Groups)

Seat SelectorWhat if you’re an individual or a small group (less than 3) looking to take a course or two?  If that’s you, the Business University’s Open Enrollment courses are perfect for you.  We offer many open enrollment courses on a regular basis and all you have to do is to register for a specific session. Take a quick look at our course offerings here.

We have over 20 years of experience working with both commercial, non-profit, and Government organizations and we can work with your organization’s requirements and procedures.  Just give us a call if you have any questions about registrations.

Don’t forget, we also offer voucher program where you can pre-purchase open-enrollment courses at a discount without identifying a specific course or the student name.