Microsoft Windows 8.1 course

Group/Custom course. Contact us for more details!

Course Description

Is your organization upgrading to Windows 8.1? Then this class will help your staff get up to speed on the new 8.1 interface.  Microsoft completely revamped the Widows operating system (for the better!) using a “Metro” style format to utilize similar experiences for both Windows PC and Windows mobile devices (tablet, phone). It also added new features such as a “peek” bar, new Windows Scan app, and new Windows Store app to make software/application purchases.  Attendees will learn to familiarize with the Windows 8.1 user interface and its basic capabilities. 

Topics include:

  • Get to know PCs and the Windows 8.1 user interface.
  • Use Windows Store apps and navigation features.
  • Work with Desktop applications.
  • Use Internet Explorer 11.
  • Customize the Windows 8.1 environment.
  • Use Windows 8.1 security features.


basic computer experience

Custom/on-site course only.


Microsoft Windows 8.1 Training Course